About Me

I'm a designer and developer with a passion for great user experience and using new technologies to create amazing products. My focus is on creating rich javascript web and mobile applications. If I'm not building it myself, I oversee the production from design to usability testing and bug fixing.

Currently, I'm obsessed with learning about technologies like Node.js, ReactJS, Firebase, MongoDB, RethinkDB and everything else Javascript! I like to investigate and test out these various tools and frameworks to figure out which is going to be the best for the project I'm working on.

Over the past 4 years, I've been exercising my creative powers at 7/Apps. There I go by the VP of Engineering as well as being one of the Co-Founders. Our primary goal at 7/Apps is to build amazing products that blend artistry and design with fluid performance to find that common ground where beauty meets practicality. Every app or website we create must look amazing and function with ease.

Part of the ecosystem is our platform 7apps.io which powers the majority of the apps we build. It's a product that covers every step of an app's lifecycle, from concept and design to development and finally, ongoing content management and maintenance.